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Dr. Kumar Easwaran

Theoretical Physicist by Training and Engineer by Profession

Schooling: Bishop School, Pune
Graduation: Graduated in Mathematics and Science from Jabalpur.
Masters: From I.I.T. Kanpur (1966-1968)
Doctoral Studies: Madras University (1973)
Post Doctoral Studies:

I.I.T. Delhi

Research Fellow in Ohio (US Defence Project - Naval Research) (1980s)

Work Experience: Worked in B.H.E.L. R&D as Additional General Manager

What are your Areas of Research?

What was your Research Topic in Ph.D.?

Finally, pick up a problem and start working on it.

Where did you enjoy working most (including SNIST)?

The best thing about SNIST is that we get to see fresh faces. But I enjoyed most during my stint at Madras University.

How did you shift to the computers field?

There are only two fields in this world - Mathematics and Physics. Based on this the rest are born. But my introduction to the computer field was through a course that was offered by I.I.T. Kanpur.

What do you think is the technology of the future?

The 21st century belongs to Computer Science and Biotechnology. Communications will also be revolutionised.

In ten years from now, in what direction will the research in Computer Science be oriented?

Hardware will become more versatile, Software is going to be more specific, Applications will become more specialised and even the most complicated software such as that for Image Processing/Pattern Recognition will be available as Packages.

How about Artificial Intelligence?

Well, a breakthrough is required to inculcate thinking in a machine.

What is holding us back from doing so?

Basically, we don't know how we think.

"Tomorrow is Another Day"

We heard that you guided Doctoral Fellows at I.I.T. Madras. What were the areas of their research?

It was mainly related to Mechanical Engineering on Computer Aided Techniques, and also on Neural Networks.

What are the disciplines on which students can consult you?

... and of course, anything related to Mathematics.