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February 2002 News Archive

Site News

Recent Sessions
Posted 15/02/2002, 22:42 by Karthik

On Wednesday, we had a meeting at 1:15 PM, and we had a seminar on Steganography by Chandana M. (CSE III/IV).  Today, as announced, we had a long session from 4:30 PM - 7 PM in the evening, and I've written a short report on that.  It's been added to the Information section.

Soon, you can expect to see articles on all the seminars that have been presented in our sessions (once they are edited and given to me I can upload all of them).  Our Branch Counselor will also be giving us an in-depth article about our college and our IEEE Students' Chapter.

Posted 13/02/2002, 14:42 by Karthik

We have arranged three sessions so far, the first was on 4 Feb., a basic introductory session for the new members.  On Wednesday, 6 Feb. we had a short session from 1:15 PM - 1:50 PM where a seminar on Server Side Scripting and PHP (given by myself) was conducted.  A report on Friday, 8 Feb.'s session has been uploaded to the Information section.

The site is now online, everything works properly and there are no broken links.  Of course, we haven't officially announced the launch of the site yet, but once that happens you will see regular updates with technical articles and other content.  Putting up a site for the first time always takes some work, updating and adding content is far easier.  Expect to see design enhancements in the near future.

First Update
Posted 13/02/2002, 11:01 by Karthik

The site's basic layout is finished, and the various sections should be made soon.  I expect the site to be online in a few hours.  As you can see this is a very simple layout (no graphics at all) - this was done because we felt we should get the site up and running as soon as possible - the enhancements to the design can be made easily later.  Please send all comments about the site to

The site uses CSS and frames, but should display well in just about any browser.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape 4.7 will do just fine.  The site has been tested in Lynx as well.  800x600 resolution is recommended, with a decent colour setting.

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