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Session held on Friday, 8 Feb. 2002 - 4:30 PM to 7 PM

- by Karthik

The new council members of the Students Chapter of our college held our second session on Friday, 8 Feb. 2002 from 4:30 PM to 7 PM.  It was attended by the members from both II Year and III Year Engineering, and also members of the teaching staff of our college.  We had an introduction from our Branch Counselor, Dr. C. Laxminarayana, who gave us the good news that our Branch had been officially recognised by the IEEE.

The first seminar of the evening was by Rajeev Sathyesh and M. Praveen (both from EEE III/IV), on Load Monitoring using CAES.  This paper was earlier presented by them at SRVNEC Nagpur, where it won the First Prize.  They presented a longer, in-depth version of the same paper in our session.

This was followed by a short talk on some of the latest developments in Science and Technology by D. Kiran of EEE III/IV.  We also had some of the II Year students presenting summaries of the latest journals available at our college.

The second seminar of the evening was another First Prize Winner (at the recent Technical Paper Meet organised by our own IEEE Students Chapter).  This was on Artificial Satellites and Remote Sensing by Manasa P. of EEE III/IV.  We then had a Group Discussion for about half-an-hour before we closed the session for the day.


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