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Session held on Friday, 15 Feb. 2002 - 4:30 PM to 7 PM

- by Karthik

Today's session began with a seminar on Awareness on Electronic Workbench, by Vijay Sai of EEE II/IV.  Electronic Workbench is a software that allows you to design circuits and perform experiments without actually having to work with physical devices.  A live demonstration of the software was shown.  After that we had a talk on Virtual Solar Observatory by B. Karthikeya of ECE II/IV.  This seminar dealt with the software/tools that are used for collection and analysis of data used for studying solar phenomena.

We had a short report on articles in journals that Kaushik and Girish came across recently - and then after that we announced our website being online!  So now that the site is official, we should be seeing lots of content coming in soon.

Next on the agenda was a Group Discussion Session.  The topic of discussion was the comparison of the Information Age and the Medeival Age - which brought up some very interesting ideas.  Some of us felt that the early times were definitely simpler times - and that the current advances in technology brought only stress and in fact had brought about quite a bit of harm.  But then we also felt that the current age is a representation of how much we have progressed.  The good and bad sides of this were something we could have discussed for a long time.  At 7 PM, we closed the session for the day.


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