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Session held on Friday, 2 Aug. 2002 - 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

- by G. Padma, ECE III/IV

The evening experienced a heavy downpour. It was raining cats and dogs. However, this did not hamper the IEEE chapter from conducting its weekly session. The spirit of the group remained as vibrant as usual.

The session began with a seminar on MULTIMEDIA presented by Sukanya and Sri Valli of C.S.E –3/4. Various features of multimedia that make it a user-friendly interface were presented. The paper also featured a discussion on the dynamics of animation like cartooning, antialiasing, rotoscoping, inverse kinematics, etc. They concluded that multimedia is the rising ball of this generation.

Next, there was a seminar on OPTICAL STORAGE TECHNOLOGY by Karthik Abhiram of C.S.E- 4/4. This seminar, on an emerging technology that is here to stay, was very informative. It included a detailed explanation of the constructional and working features of a compact disk (CD) and a digital versatile disk (DVD). Different CD formats and the techniques involved in reading/writing a disk were explained at length.

After the paper presentations, it was time for the group discussion. The topics that were discussed were MADAM I'M ADAM and ONE. The topics did sound quite ridiculous. Nevertheless, the group with its thinking cap on had a continuous flow of creative thoughts. This was followed by a feedback session where the merits and flaws of every individual who participated in the discussion were identified. This marked the conclusion of yet another eventful session.


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