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Session held on Friday, 9 Aug. 2002 - 3:45 PM to 8:00 PM

- by G. Padma, ECE III/IV

The entire place was buzzing with activity. It was evident that something special was about to happen. Indeed it was, as a guest lecture had been arranged for the evening. Mr. P. Satyanarayana, an eminent personality in the field of Hydrological and Marine applications, currently working at IIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad was invited to give a talk on "Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Marine Environment". In his words, GIS is important as it enables us in gaining new insights and integrates our knowledge of places. The talk covered a detailed explanation of Nautical Chart, a tool that ensures the safety and security of men and material at sea with the help of GIS. The audience was enthralled when some amazing images created by GIS were shown. The seminar was extremely informative and was well received.

Next, a paper was presented on "Computerized monitoring of pressure in combustion chamber of a car" by Praveen of EEE - 4/4. It was an innovative method devised all by himself and involved the introduction of a feedback to control the variations of pressure in the combustion chamber of a car. Various causes of degradation in pressure like misfiring, improper air-fuel ratio, leakage in cylinder, etc were taken into account.

This was followed by a review of the IEEE magazine - Circuits and Devices by Rajeev of EEE - 4/4. Later, a quiz was conducted by Karthikeya of ECE –3/4. The quiz was very interesting and helped us in updating our knowledge banks. Overall, it was a very enjoyable session.

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